The 25 Wardrobe Essentials Every Girl Needs in College

The first thing I noticed when I started university was that every girl had the same staple pieces in their wardrobe. Even though there were 1000+ different outfits I’d seen on campus that day, there were always some common pieces that I’d see again and again. The “college girl” vibe is the perfect mix of put together and casually effortless, and it’s something that every girl wants to achieve.

Because the school year takes place during the fall and winter months, layering is a really common trend among students. I love layering, simply because you can make so many different combinations with just a few pieces… and that’s something my wallet really appreciates.

This list of essentials will not only help you look good, but it’ll also minimize the amount of clothing you have to pack with you when you move away (if you haven’t already)!

The wardrobe essentials every girl needs in college.png

  1. A jean jacket
  2. A fall jacket
  3. A “going out” jacket (mine is leather!)
  4. A vest…definitely something to wear when it starts to get chilly, but you don’t want to break out a coat just yet!
  5. A flannel shirt
  6. A chambray shirt
  7. Black leggings (lululemon is the usual suspect here, but any brand works!)
  8. Your school sweater (gotta represent!)
  9. Knit cardigan
  10. Work socks
  11. Sweatpants!
  12. Light and dark jeans
  13. Slip-ons/slides/flats
  14. Boots (I highly recommend Blundstones. Those babies have lasted me a long time)
  15. Rubber boots
  16. A cute pair of sunglasses
  17. Basic tees/tanks (solid colours, like white and black)
  18. T-Shirt dress
  19. Baseball cap, for those bad hair days… am I right, ladies?
  20. A bodysuit
  21. Mini skirt
  22. Jewelry!!
  23. Blanket scarf
  24. A poncho (it’s not as lame as you think, they’re actually super cute)
  25. And finally, a cute book bag to carry everything around


If you have certain pieces you can’t live without, leave them in the comments!

x Emma

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